University of Economics and Finance

The University of Economics and Finance in Ho Chi Minh City was established on September 24, 2007, with the goal of becoming a leading university in Vietnam and aiming for international training standards, closely associated with the philosophy of Comprehensive Education – Lifelong Learning.

Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program

he Swinburne Vietnam Alliance Program is a collaborative education program between Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) and FPT University. With the mission of “Igniting the future,” Swinburne Vietnam aims to educate learners to become global citizens, providing international knowledge and skills as well as the ability to work both domestically and internationally. Graduates will receive a degree ranked in the top 1% in the world from Swinburne University of Technology.

Van Lang University

With 66 majors spanning 7 fields of study, Van Lang University aims to educate its students to become the best versions of themselves while supporting and driving scientific research projects to address social issues.


RMIT University is a part of RMIT Melbourne, the largest higher education institution in Australia. Since 2000, RMIT Vietnam has been established and operational, marking the introduction of world-class education and a globalized learning environment right in the heart of Asia. This institution provides excellent and diverse education in the fields of professional training and vocational education, applied research, and actively engages in addressing the needs of businesses and the community.

FPT Polytechnic College

With the philosophy of “Practice – Practical Learning,” FPT Polytechnic College started its operations on July 1, 2010, with the aim of providing high-quality vocational skills to learners across Vietnam, ensuring competitiveness in an increasingly competitive environment. Besides the implementation of Project-based Learning and Blended Learning teaching methods, the training programs at the college are designed to meet international standards such as the ASEAN vocational standards and the Vietnam Tourism Occupational Standards (VTOS).

Foreign Trade University

Established in 1960, Foreign Trade University is a leading public university nationwide in the fields of economics, business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The university excels in providing high-quality education, conducting scientific research, and serving the community. It holds a prominent position in the Asian region.

University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh city.

The Ho Chi Minh University of Architecture (UAH) is a prestigious educational institution in Vietnam, established in 1926. The university is currently comprised of five modern and standardized institutions, with three located in Ho Chi Minh City, one in Can Tho, and one in Da Lat.

The mission of UAH is to maintain its position as a center for graduate and post-graduate training and a hub for advanced technology. The university aims to produce highly qualified professionals in fields such as architecture, urban and rural planning, civil and industrial engineering, urban infrastructure, industrial arts, and interior design. UAH also strives to enhance the quality of its scientific research to address societal needs and contribute to economic development.

National Economics University (NEU)

Founded in 1956, the National Economic University (NEU) is renowned as one of the leading universities in Economics, Management, and Business Administration in Vietnam. The university holds prominent positions as a top-quality institution in the economic and business fields in the country. NEU is recognized as a prestigious center for economic research and serves as a consulting center in economics, business, and management.

NEU’s mission is to be the national key university and the foremost institution in training economics, management, and business administration in Vietnam. The university is committed to providing society with quality education, research, consultancy, and technology transfer services that meet regional and international standards. NEU aims to contribute to national industrialization and urbanization in the context of global economic integration.

University of Architecture Hanoi

The Hanoi University of Architecture (HUA) is the leading institution in architecture and construction in Vietnam. Established in 1969 under the administration of the Vietnam Ministry of Construction, HUA has emerged as the flagship university in its field.

In addition to its role in education and training, HUA serves as a center for research, consulting, and project implementation for both corporations and the Vietnamese government. The university’s mission is to provide comprehensive training for scientific and technical personnel in the field of architecture at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It focuses on key disciplines such as Architecture, Planning, Construction, Industrial Fine Arts, Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering, and Urban Construction Management.

Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Art

The University of Industrial Fine Arts, established in 1949, holds the distinction of being the first school in Vietnam dedicated to training professionals in Industrial Fine Arts. The university’s mission is to be a leading training and scientific research institution in the field of applied fine arts design within the Vietnamese education system. It aims to produce highly qualified painters with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees who can contribute to Vietnam’s industrialization and modernization, as well as its integration into the global community.

The vision of the University of Industrial Fine Arts is to become a multidisciplinary training and research university in Fine Arts and Applied Fine Arts throughout the country. As part of this vision, the university aims to be on par with other renowned institutions in the region, offering advanced training programs and fostering international cooperation.