National Economics University (NEU)

-National Economic University (NEU) was founded in 1956, one of the leading universities in Economics, Management and Business Administration in Vietnam.

-NEU keeps positions as: Top-quality economic and business institution in Vietnam A prestigious center for economic research. A consulting center in economics, business and management.

-The mission: “Being the national key university, the leading university in training economics, management and business administration in Vietnam, NEU’s mission is to provide society with qualified education, research, consultancy and technology-transfer-services attaining regional and international level, and to contribute to national industrialization – urbanization in the context of global economic integration.”

-NEU has a vision “to become a prestigious multi-disciplinary and research-oriented university reaching regional and international quality in the field of economics, management, business administration and other key areas. It endeavors to be ranked in the world’s top 1000 universities in the next decade.”