With the slogan “Live United – Creating trends, leading changes”, Social Open Innovation Village continues to lead efforts and initiatives to create change towards addressing social problems with a human-centered approach.


At the National Festival for Innovative Startups, Techfest 2021, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh directed “Innovation is a collective mission so we must have a collective approach for it. Innovation must also be the Revolutionary mission of the people”. Inspired by and carried out under the direction of the Prime Minister, since 2022, Social Challenge and Innovation Village has officially been renamed Social Open Innovation Village (SOIP), elevating its activities towards mobilizing and promoting collective efforts of the people with many different actors involved in solving organizational, governmental and social problems by utilizing open innovation.

Social Open Innovation Village (SOIP) aims to:

  • Promote Innovation through empirical models: SOIP promotes co-creativity through the smart living lab model with the engagement of OPEN actors (including governmental management agencies, enterprises, startups, investors, institutes, embassies, CSOs, local organizations, international organizations, and citizens) to address governmental, organizational and social challenges.
  • Emphasize addressing social challenges: Social innovation initiatives need to emphasize human well-being and solve problems faced by enterprises and society. SOIP supports innovative startups to both ensure financial – corporate profits and address prominent social challenges in the new era, thus, attracting investors, especially in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 context.
  • Create a platform – mobilize investment for social open innovation: SOIP expects to connect “groups affected by challenges” with “solution makers” to promote innovation in order to comprehensively solve socio-economic issues; simultaneously encourage and connect with local and international social investors.