“Demand For Recycling And Reuse Has Never Been Stronger”

Unlocking Open Innovation Podcast Series

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In a BANI world characterized by Brittleness, Anxiety, Non-linearity, and Incomprehensibility, circular economy model emerges as a promising solution for young businesses aiming at sustainable development. Together with Living Lab, let’s listen to the sharing of Mr. Hoang Anh Dung, CEO of Investment and Trading Consulting Company Limited (INTRACO), to learn about ways of tackling BANI world’s challenges.

Alongside INTRACO, Mr. Dung has persistently pursued green transformation solutions for the environment, aiming towards Sustainable Development Goals. Among them, initiatives such as “Providing hygienic water stations and other greenhouse gas reduction programs” in Quy Nhon, constructing the Ngai Phong Cho Kindergarten in Cao Son – the first school in Vietnam built from recycled plastic waste, and more. 

Mr. Hoang Anh Dung believes that the circular economy is an inevitable trend in the global economy, not only because this transition is greener but also much more efficient than traditional economies many times over. Achieving a fully circular economy in Vietnam may not be too far off, as “the demands for producing products, recycling, reusing, and recovering products have never been as strong as they are now.” 

So, what is the circular economy? Why is it an inevitable trend? Where is Vietnam on this transition journey?

Listen to the third episode of our Unlocking Open Innovation podcast series!

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