S² Bridge = (Shinhan x Startup) + Bridge


The Shinhan S² Bridge (Shinhan Square Bridge) is a single growth platform, in the Republic of Korea, for all the startup ecosystem players that include startups in all growth stages, accelerators, investors and policymakers.  


It bridges Shinhan Financial Group and startups to build ecosystem for innovative growth, for global expansion and promotion of growth of startups into unicorns.

big size) 지도




Its nation-wide chain of hubs cultivate local entrepreneurship initiatives and connect the regions with a world-wide network.


It operates 5 programs that include Seoul, Incheon, Jeju, Vietnam and Youth.  It is a membership-based program for startups in various growth stages: from pre-seed to series A, offering one-stop services and support to nurture businesses into next unicorns.


The Shinhan S2 Bridge-Vietnam is a cross-border and cross-sector collective impact initiative, designing and building an inclusive community that gives opportunities for all in Vietnam. 


By leveraging innovative tech solutions offered by proven cross-border startups, it helps citizens connect to available resources and new opportunities for future success.

Civil Society Organizations(CSOs)

Social Investors

Enabling Environment