“As Women, Be Active In Creating An Environment For Personal Growth

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We invite you to listen to the sharing from the next guest of the Podcast series by Social Open Innovation Village: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa – Founder, CEO of Truong Foods Production and Trading Joint Stock Company. Known for her impressive appearance on the show Shark Tank, the Muong woman has made many people admire her through her tireless journey of striving to bring Phu Tho’s hometown specialty – sour meat. to all parts of the country. To achieve today’s success, the female entrepreneur went through a difficult startup process with many stumbling blocks. 

Started a business at the age of 18, with the spirit of constantly learning and creating, using “external intelligence to solve internal problems” (quoted by Mr. Pham Hong Quat – guest episode 1 of “Unlocking” Open Innovation”), the female entrepreneur has successfully built a brand for the sour meat product Dat To, in addition to supporting the creation of livelihoods for hundreds of local people. Sharing lessons from her startup process, the female entrepreneur encourages women with passion and ambition: “Take action. If you are wrong, there will be a lesson, and if you are right, there will be results.” 

 Let’s hear more about the startup story of our guested female entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa and Truong Foods Company’s contributions to the open innovation model in the second episode of the Podcast series “Unlocking Open Innovation ”! 

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