-Established in 2016

– Business Model: Automating AI learning data processing with AI

– Technology/Product/Service:

AIMMO Enterprise – Labeling software for free for anyone who needs data labeling

AIMMO GTaaS – Services that provide 100% accurate data processing by outsourcing data labeling

-Local presence in Hanoi, established local corporation in Feb 27, 2020. 2020 Korea-Vietnam Service Fees $416,000 (Employment effect of 400 people including PWD.

-AIMMO has its platform to cover all processes, including education, practice, work assignment, and provides services translated into Vietnamese.

-In this project, Aimmo will provide “Data Labeling” training and also opportunity in hiring.


Platfarm (Mojitok and Zookiz)

-Established in 2014

-Business Model: B2B Emoji Solution

-Technology/Product/ Service:

Providing easily installable B2B products to various mobile services based on chats. Including high-quality emoji contents and profit models.

-Local presence in HCM, local partnership with Zalo, POPs, GAPO, Thien Long, Create and distribute character design, Webtoon, Emoji, Animation contents



-Established in 2017

-Business Model: Smart city platform for solving mobility problems for the disabled people


Mobile service that provides detailed route information to facilities and destinations around the user based on location information of the visually impaired (users)

A service that provides reservation, order, and payment functions so that the visually impaired (users) can use the store service located in the building in a non-face-to-face manner through their smartphones.

-Currently no local presence. Targeting HCMC District 10 as a pilot city to establish city model.

-In Shinhan Square Bridge Project: LBSTech will provide technology innovations in order to help people with disabilities access easily to supermarkets/ stores and build a smart city which realizes ‘everywhere accessible to everyone.



-Established in 2017

-Business Model: Products/Services for the Visually Impaired


Portable Braille Slate, Versa Slate without Papers

Flowy for PC/Mobile reading expansion and real-time screen sharing services

-Currently no local presence. Implementing a project to improve information accessibility and improve learning effects of children with low vision by implementing smart school projects for students with low vision.


The KEII Platform Vietnam

-Established in 2020

-Student – centered learning and Peer Teaching method.

-Technology/Product/Service: The KEII’s competitive online tutoring platform that matches teachers or colleague students looking for teaching jobs and teaching through community service, and elementary school students needing support for English and Math.

– Local presence in Ho Chi Minh city.

-In Shinhan Square Bridge Project, the KEII will recruit and train colleague students majoring in English and Maths or English/ Maths as a professional tutor. In addition, the KEII will provide an online tutoring platform to educate 40 elementary students targeting at 1st -4th grade.



-Established in 2011

-Business Model: Vietnamese Public School Management System and Online Tuition Payment Business.

-Technology/ Product/ Service:

[ software and hardware] managing students and teacher data. The hardware checks attendances.

[ App] Students, teachers and parents have their own apps to manage their data and pay to fee.

[ related business] providing online contents and student financial products through app.

-Local presence in Hanoi. Currently providing services to public schools in several provinces such as: Thai Binh, Hung Yen, Binh Duong, Thua Thien – Hue.

-In Shinhan Square Bridge Project: Tri-path will provide a safe and convenient check-in method to students of 100 schools in rural area that helps teachers and parents easy to recognize the status of each student.