• Founded in 2017
  • Products: Rivo1, Rivo2 and Rivo3 Keyboard
  • Rivo Enterprises goes beyond just manufacturing and selling the keyboards. They also prioritize the empowerment of visually impaired individuals by offering comprehensive instructions and support on how to use their devices. By doing so, they aim to create opportunities for the visually impaired community to actively participate in educational, economic, and social spheres.
  • Through their smart keyboards, Rivo Enterprises strives to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for visually impaired individuals, allowing them to navigate and engage with digital technologies more efficiently. Their dedication to empowering the visually impaired community is evident in their commitment to providing effective tools and resources for a more inclusive society.
  • To learn more about Rivo and their products, you can visit their website at 내 손 안에 자유로움 – 리보 (rivo.kr).
  • Website: https://rivo.me/