About Youth Leader United Vietnam 2021

The Youth Leader United Vietnam Community was established in June 2021 through a selection by an Executive Director of the Management Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) in cooperation with United Way Worldwide and Shinhan Square Bridge. Inspired by the success of the Youth Leaders program co-operated by MSD on Facebook with the topic of digital skills and online safety in 2018, MSD opened an application to search for 30-40 youth leaders (18-25 years old) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (15-20 people) for the Youth Leader United incubation program in June 2021.


Youth United Vietnam was established with the goal of establishing a community of young leaders who are creative, enthusiastic, and determined to make a social impact across Vietnam. When participating in the program, these young people will be equipped with skills and knowledge (related to communication, leadership skills, sustainable development, social impact and community support, …) to become young leaders who participate and lead community support activities through communication programs, training and direct support activities. After being trained, young people will become volunteers for projects within the framework of the program; do communication work, develop a set of documents; Creation and implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) projects (small scale)

In August, the Youth United Vietnam fanpage was established with the long-term goal of sharing information “Youth creates a social impact” (Social Impact) through:

(1) Knowledge helps Youth to know more about creating social impact

(2) Opportunities to help young people access social media

(3) Inspring for Youth to create social impact

(4) Calling for action (through organizing for Youth creating social impact) (when projects are approved)


The main theme of the program is “Caring power”. This phrase is a combination of passion transformed into action, responsibility, and influence of young people when uniting together to create real values ​​to help communities and society based on rules. ethics, equality, sympathy. This strength demonstrates the decisive role of young people joining hands in the process of change for the development of society.

Creating social impact is one way to show the power of caring. The projects and programs that Youth United Vietnam will implement based on four models of social impact: (1) charity, (2) medical care and rehabilitation, (3) social projects, (4) Laws and policies


In 2021, Youth United Vietnam will be joined

(1) Technical and financial support for strategy implementation, management planning and communication on Social Impact Startups

(2) Training conferences, workshops with famous mentors about Charity, social impact Start-up;

(3) Support and internship in social impact projects implemented in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

(4) Having the opportunity to participate in the Youth Social Impact Award, participate in the organization of the Young Leaders Summit with Social Impact within the framework of Techfest Vietnam 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City