Dong Chum Secondary School

Dong Chum Boarding Ethnic Minority High School, located in the challenging region of Dong Chum commune, Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province, is a school that has been established to serve the local community. Despite nearly 20 years since its establishment, the school has faced ongoing difficulties in terms of its teaching staff and material resources. Nevertheless, both teachers and students at the school have consistently strived for improvement and achieved numerous accomplishments in education, a source of pride for their dedication to learning and teaching.

Ha Noi Nguyen Dinh Chieu Blind School

The Nguyen Dinh Chieu Specialized School for the Blind in Hanoi has been a cradle for nurturing visually impaired students, helping them grow into talented individuals who have made significant contributions across various societal domains, truly embodying the spirit of resilience as taught by President Ho Chi Minh. Over the years, the school has achieved remarkable distinctions, including winning the Excellent Labor Collective at the City level for three consecutive years, attaining Outstanding Advanced School recognition, and having many teachers awarded as Excellent Teachers at the City level. Additionally, numerous students from the school have earned Excellent Student titles at the District, City, and National levels. In recognition of its outstanding contributions, the school was honored with the Third-class Labor Order by the State.

Humane Job Training School

The Humane Job Training School, established in 1983, is a public vocational school and the first vocational training institution in Ho Chi Minh City. The school’s training programs focus on fields such as information technology, electrical trades, and beauty care.

Tay Ninh Visually-impaired Children Center

Established in the year 2000, Tay Ninh Visually-impaired Children Center operates with the purpose of caring for and educating visually impaired children to fulfil the dreams of children affected by Agent Orange, those who are blind or suffering from vision impairments. The centre provides healthcare, recreational activities, and also rekindles hope and a love for life among these children.

Thien An Shelter

Thien An Shelter is a social support facility established with the mission of assisting visually impaired children with difficult circumstances to access comprehensive and suitable education to unleash their full potential. This enables them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for self-improvement, joyful living, and social integration.

Nhat Hong Shelter

Nhat Hong Shelter for the Visually Impaired, also known as Nhat Hong Shelter, is a facility under the Visual Impairment Program of the Thu Duc Congregation of the Cross. Established in 1995, its mission is to care for and nurture visually impaired individuals aged 15 and above, guiding them toward a better quality of life and community integration.

Bung Sang Shelter

Established in 1985 by visually impaired teacher Dao Khanh Truong, and currently overseen by the Sisters of the Thu Duc Congregation of the Cross, Bung Sang Shelter provides care and education for orphaned children with visual impairments from all across the country. The shelter offers a wide range of educational opportunities, from music and computer skills to essential soft skills training.

Ai Linh Charity School

Ai Linh Charity School, located within the jurisdiction of Minh Duc Parish in Tan Phu Ward, Thu Duc District, is a school run by the Congregation of Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is dedicated to children from immigrant families and those facing difficult circumstances in the Tan Phu Ward and neighbouring areas.

Thien Than Shelter

Inspired by the compassion of Mr. Bui Cong Hiep and his wife, the Thien Than Shelter and Childcare Center, affectionately known as “Thien Than Shelter,” is a safe haven for over 100 orphaned children who have been abandoned, ranging from infants to 8 years old. The center provides an environment where the children can grow up, enabling them to reunite with their mothers, or making it easier for mothers to find their children. It also nurtures and educates these children, helping them become good individuals who contribute positively to society.

Long Buu Charity Class

Established in 2010 by Mr. Tran Lam Thang, who sought to protect the neighbourhood with a desire to help those in difficult circumstances, the Long Buu Charity Class has been welcoming and educating the majority of its students, who are the children of immigrant families in Saigon. These families often have parents working as laborers in industrial zones, scrap collectors, street vendors, or, in some cases, children who accompany their mothers while fleeing from abusive husbands or partners.