Tripath implementing the program for better school administration

The program developed by Tripath was piloted at three high schools in Thai Binh province and all received good feedback on the benefits of digitalizing the teaching, learning and school management process. Within the framework of Shinhan S2 Bridge initiative, this program has continued to be expanded in nearly 100 high schools, secondary and primary schools in other provinces namely Ninh Thuan, Lao Cai, Hung Yen, Ha Tinh, Khanh Hoa, especially in schools with more difficult circumstances than others.

Since July 12th 2021, Tripath has actively operated software training sessions for teachers in different schools from the aforementioned provinces. The form of training (online or offline) is decided flexibly depending on the COVID-19 pandemic real-time situation in each area to not only ensure the project progress but also the safety of participants. Until mid-September, Tripath has completed the training sessions for all schools in Hung Yen and Ninh Thuan while the technological equipment has been installed in 20/20 schools in Lao Cai province. As long as the COVID-19 situation progresses well, Tripath is expected to continue the hardware installation as well as provide support for school teachers if they encounter any difficulties when using the software. 

A training session for teachers at Thanh Son school in Ninh Thuan.

Regarding the feedback of schools within the framework of the project, most teachers have positive reviews, stating that is a truly practical program which helps reduce the burden on teachers and makes school administration far more effective compared to the conventional management style.