Nguyen Dinh Chieu School

-Nguyen Dinh Chieu is an education institution for the Blind, which was established in 1926.

-NDC provide visually impaired students with access to education in the right time in order promote independence and social inclusion.

-Additionally, NDC has been working as a government run- resources center to support other special schools and inclusive schools in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

Sao Mai center

-Sao Mai Assistive Center is the non – profit organization for the Blind, that was established in 2001.


-Empowering the Blind by using and developing of assistive technology in education, employment;

-Solution consultation and providing assistive products for the Blind in education, employment and independent living;

-Vocational, job training and placement for the Blind.



-Vietnam Innovation of General Education Foundation was established in 2017.


-Renovation in teaching – learning methods and student assessment;

-School management innovation;

-Value education and skill development for students;

-STEM/STEAM Education, which caters for the needs of local socio-economic development;

-Replication/ dissemination of locally appropriate teaching and learning models and initiatives.

In Shinhan Square Bridge Project:

VIGEF will cooperate with MSD to implement Tri-path’s tech-solution in 100 schools in rural area for the equity education among Vietnamese students.



– Disabilities Research and Capacity Development is a non-profit organization in Ho Chi Minh city, established in 2005.


-Remove barriers

-Empower people with disabilities.

In Shinhan Square Bridge Project:

DRD will work with MSD to connect the blind with the technology innovation of LBStech in the second initiative model for convenient access to supermarkets/ stores.



-Research and Career Help is a Career Counseling and Vocational Training Institute for disadvantaged youth in Vietnam.


-Career counseling support

-Organize short-term (3.5- 6 months) vocational trainings including free equipment and scholarships from 80% to 100% tuition fee.

-Support young trainees to find decent jobs and follow up their employment for 6 months after courses.

In Shinhan Square Bridge Project:

Reach will work with MSD to implement the “Data Labeling” vocational training courses – the tech solution of AIMMO in the first initiative model.


The will to Live Center

-A non-profit, which was found in 2009, based in Hanoi.


-WLC provides free computer and life skills training courses to people with disabilities in order to help them find employment and integrated fully in society.

-WLC runs several social initiatives with the goal of ending the discrimination and stigma that people with disabilities face.