United Way Worldwide (UWW) is currently collecting heartwarming stories from our local partners and beneficiaries who are participating in the Shinhan S² Bridge Vietnam. This is Willtolive’s story.

” I participated in a data labeling training course held by Aimmo in collaboration with the Will to Live Center where I am taking a training course on real estate photo editing.

I am a disabled person with short stature. I would like to attend vocational training in order to have a stable job. Before coming to the Will to Live Center, I studied programming at a university. After graduating, I applied for some jobs but was not accepted because the employer said that I didn’t qualify because of my health condition and the environment wasn’t friendly to me. After that, I decided to study photoshop at the Will to Live Center. When studying at the Will to Live Center, I participated in the Shinhan project and received a data labeling course from Aimmo. I found this is an interesting field and brings me more opportunities to get a job in the digital age, especially in using artificial intelligence..

The biggest change in my life before and after participating in the Shinhan project as well as learning at the Will to Live Center is that I suffered from low self-esteem and thought that I couldn’t get a job. However, after studying at the center, I enjoyed learning about photo editing and drawing tools as a part of a training course from Aimmo. Currently, I have got a job in a real estate photo editing company in Hanoi. This made me feel confident about myself, able to work on my own, earn my living and support my family.
In addition, the environment and curriculum in the Center helped me improve my communication, teamwork, personal financial management, CV writing, job interview, etc through soft skill courses. This built my confidence when applying for a job.

When I first took Aimmo’s training class, I barely knew anything about data labeling, drawing photos. However, after being guided by my teachers, I knew how to draw photos. I felt happy when I did it and also got more job opportunities in the future.”