United Way Worldwide (UWW) is currently collecting heartwarming stories from our local partners and beneficiaries who are participating in the Shinhan S² Bridge Vietnam. This is Reach’s story.

” I have never been trained in data labeling before, hence, after joining the project, I have more opportunities to get a job. I couldn’t find a job due to my poor health. I had no income and my family is poor. By chance, I saw a post about a training project on Facebook. I have searched and found that this job was suitable for my abilities and my orientation. After participating in the project, I have had more jobs and income. I have had more skills and work experience as well as my future goals have been more obvious simultaneously. I know what I need and should do so as not to disappoint people who support me. Furthermore, I always say that I have to try harder.

During the time participating in the project, there were many times when I suffered from health issues due to a blood-clotting disease. I often have to go to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion for periodic injections. Once, when I was attending class, I recurred in shoulder pain and had to go to the emergency department for more than a fortnight. At that time, Hanoi was applying Directive 16 which restrictsed everyone’s movement and I had a lot of difficulties because I live in the countryside, not able to earn money or find a job due to the impact of the pandemic. Luckily, the REACH center helped me with my medical expenses and supported me during the lockdown.
In this project, my class was a very special one. Although each of us has difficulties and different backgrounds such as difficult family circumstances, people with disabilities, people with serious illnesses like me, we were all united and helped each other. I feel we are a family that everyone thinks for each other and for collective advantages. I feel it’s true that God doesn’t take everything away from anyone. In return, I had a lot of love from the teachers at the center and from the AIMMO teachers who were very enthusiastic to support me.”