United Way Worldwide (UWW) is currently collecting heartwarming stories from our local partners and beneficiaries who are participating in the Shinhan S² Bridge Vietnam. This is Keii’s story.

” We had many concerns about understanding the education market and how to enter it. When we started this program, we found partners, interviewed teachers to get accurate information, and practically thought about how to approach the market and found a solution. It was an opportunity to think deeply about not only a business approach, but also how to adapt to and contribute to Vietnamese society. Therefore, the company’s mission has also been modified so that we can live with an understanding of the business ecosystem, live with social responsibility, and make continuous contributions. Although it is regrettable that recruitment was not active due to the pandemic situation and the technical problems of the planned solution, However, we promised to provide improved services through a more advanced system next year and fulfill our social responsibilities. When we have participated in the Shinhan Bridge Vietnam, I have received: Market penetration and Cooperation with next generation(YLU) and partners.” Said to participation reason, “The biggest reason is that we can implement CSR in collaboration with the most trusted Shinhan Group and HOPE Foundation and global/Local NGOs such as UWW and MSD. Also, we wanted to lay the foundation for keeping social responsibility in the future.” There are some changes when we have participated, “Establishing an understanding and perspective on the education market; Seize the opportunity to understand the level of students and parents and to communicate; An opportunity to prepare content and services suitable/fit for the market”.